Tribute to AG Kimi Makwetu


The UCTABA family is as shocked and devastated, as the rest of the country, by the sudden and unfortunate death of one of UCT's stellar black alumni, Kimi Makwetu. We firstly offer our heartfelt condolences to his immediate family who lost a rock.

Kimi was truly a jewel of a South African who served our country and her people well as its Auditor General. He steadfastly believed that taxpayers should get value for our hard earned money and there must be consequences for those who abused the public purse. He served with honour and dignity.

He was a diligent and dedicated student whilst at university who spoke out against injustices impacting on students. He was compassionate and always looked out for the weak and vulnerable. He made an impact on his fellow students through his humanity and quiet but wise interventions.

This characteristic he took into adulthood and his working life where he continued to make his community proud.

South Africa is definitely poorer without Kimi in our midst but we thank the almighty for sharing his life with us on this earth.


Issued by Justice Luthuli

President of UCTABA


(on behalf of the UCTABA leadership and broader members).

UCTABA Nov.16, 2020