UCTABA is an organisation of former UCT students who saw a need to contribute in supporting deserving black students and projects aimed at accelerating the transformation programme at UCT and hence serve the National empowerment agenda.


To accelerate economic empowerment through academic advancement.


Through our common base networks we shall pool resources and ideas to support our knowledge institutions and expand the national intellectual base, thus advancing transformation and empowerment that enables sustainable economic development in our Country.


Being part of UCTABA implies the shared acceptance of common values by its members. The concept of values implies not only rights but also obligations, for the organisation itself and for its individual members. This Statement of Values provides a framework that informs and governs what is considered by the UCTABA family to be appropriate and acceptable behavior. The Statement also serves as the foundation for a range of UCTABA policy frameworks such as the Constitution that guide the management of particular aspects of UCTABA’s activities.

As an organisation, UCTABA commits itself, and expects all its members, to exemplify and uphold these values and to reflect them not only in institutional and personal relationships, but also in all other aspects of life, including work, sport, recreation, and cultural, intellectual, religious and other activities.

We therefore commit ourselves to:
  • Truth, fairness, consistency, and integrity in all our undertakings in all our personal and institutional relationships;
  • Compassion, generosity and concern for the needs and aspirations of others, and in particular for the challenges faced by the less privileged in our society;
  • Respect and tolerance for cultural, religious, political, and other differences and acknowledgement of the value of diversity in society;
  • Respect for individual privacy, dignity, and the right to personal choice;
  • Honesty, integrity and respect in debate, openness to alternative ideas and respect for other views, beliefs and opinions;
  • Commitment to high standards, personal fulfillment and the pursuit of excellence;
  • The protection and responsible use of the UCTABA's assets and resources;
  • The advancement and support to historically disadvantaged students at UCT;
  • Contribution to the continuous improvement of the lives of black students at UCT; and
  • Contribution to a collaborative, participatory and empowering environment at UCT.