Accelerating the implementation of transformation.

Focusing on such issues as staff diversity, student access, success and equity, curriculum change, leadership and governance as well as institutional culture.

Positively influence the mission of UCT

through participation in policy development.

About University of Cape Town Association of Black Alumni (UCTABA)

Having been established in 1829 (more than 180 years ago), UCT functioned as a "Whites Only" institution and only admitting its first small group of blacks in 1920. The number of black students remained very low until towards the latter part of the 1980s, when the institution, reading the signs of change in the country, committed itself to a deliberate and planned process of internal transformation.

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Upcoming Events

University of Cape Town Association of Black Alumni (UCTABA)
UCTABA Schools Task Team Presentation [Second Session]

Date: Fri 25, Jun 2021
Start Time : 01:00
Venue : Microsoft Teams

UCTABA Presents UCTABA Schools Online Presentation

Date: Fri 18, Jun 2021
Start Time : 23:00
Venue : Microsoft Teams

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