As part of its effort to enable meaningful change, UCTABA committed itself to provide funding for students requiring support. The bursary fund has continued to grow, and is now well within the R1 million target that was set since its inception. This was achieved through the "1000 for R1 million (OT1B) campaign that saw the first recipient of the UCTABA bursary fund, Sinazo Yolwa, graduate in December 2010.

The next chapter of the UCTABA bursary fund will be anchored by the "10,000 for R1 billion" (TT1B) campaign, which will once again encourage members to commit to contributing R100 monthly to the bursary fund on an even greater scale than before.

Since its inception, UCTABA has been committed to supporting UCT in realizing its transformation objectives. It has engaged the University, its administration and faculty extensively in this regard. To date, the efforts made by UCTABA have been fruitful. Members now serve in various structures within the University.

UCTABA has also played a leading role in the formation of the Interim Reconciliation and Transformation Commission (IRTC). Members represented the Alumni Body Steering Committee that led the formation of the IRTC. The work of the IRTC has progressed and its recommendations have since been tabled for consideration by the Council.

UCTABA will continue to work tirelessly towards other objectives that will accelerate the transformation journey of the University. A specific focus of UCTABA is that of meaningful progression of the black students at UCT.

UCTABA has built relationships with various stakeholders of the University of Cape Town. These include staff, students and various structures such as the University Council and UCT Alumni Association. UCTABA considers itself a partner to the institution and through its networks and involvement, has been a valuable contributor towards the growth and development of the University.

Over the next 10 years, UCTABA seeks to work closely with the University and alumni in order to create a sustainable future that will ensure UCT continues to be a highly regarded institution of higher learning.

Other than providing financial assistance to students, UCTABA has also been supportive in the midst of the "Fees Must Fall" movement. During the fees must fall events, UCTABA worked with both the students and the University to find an amicable solution to issues. The assistance provided was in all measures possible, driven by the urge to resolve issues and restore normality UCT Campuses. UCTABA aimed to ensure that the efforts of all parties yielded positive and progressive results.

Amongst the support provided by UCTABA was the legal assistance to release student leaders that were imprisoned and could not participate in discussions to normalize the situation. UCTABA also provided health support to the students, helping them cope with trauma and the psychological effect of these events.

UCTABA stayed engaged with all parties including the Government and continued to play a key role in the developments of the movement. UCTABA continues to play a meaningful role in the current discussions through its engagement of all stakeholders involved.

UCTABA creates platforms for engaging on the most topical issues impacting society at large through its round table engagements. These consist of panellists and subject matter experts who present on their areas of expertise and bring the audience along with them on an intellectually stimulating journey. The outcome of the discussions informs thought-leadership by members who go further and take action through influence and collaboration with other members.

Members are also able to network at these sessions and reconnect with one another after many years. Previous regional round table discussions have hosted successfully in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

The Homecoming weekend in the form of a conference that includes various activities is the key event on the UCTABA calendar annually. The first conference was hosted at the University of Cape Town in April 2007.

In its last Homecoming event, UCTABA was fortunate enough to be graced by the founding President of the Harvard Black Alumni Association, Ms. Chris-Tia Donaldson. The attendees engaged in various discussions relating to the University of Cape Town and support required to contribute towards the development of the University.

On 27th April 2017, UCTABA marked the first decade of its existence, having been formed in 2007. In celebration, on the weekend of the 21st September 2018, members will be converging in Cape Town for yet another UCTABA Homecoming. This will be in celebration of this milestone and others that have been achieved in the past 11 years.